Regeneration of zeolites

Regeneration of zeolites.

The regeneration of zeolites is always carried out according to the type of application and in which environment they work. For example, a NaCl solution that is less effective than special regeneration solutions such as ZeoPure ZFC Zeolite Filter Cleaner has been used to regenerate zeolites used with n Na + or Cl-. Using special ZeoPure ZFC Zeolite Filter Cleaner solutions will significantly reduce regeneration time and increase the zeolite ion exchange efficiency by 10% to as much as 98% of the original capacity. It should also be taken into account that a higher concentration of regeneration solution may have a negative effect on the capacity.

The cation exchangers used in the H + cycle are regenerated with HCl or H2SO4 (5 – 10%, ie 5 times the capacity)

The anion exchangers used in the OH-cycle are regenerated with NaOH (3 – 5%, ie 5 times the capacity)

The ion exchangers used in the Na + or Cl- cycle are regenerated by ZeoPure ZFC or less suitable NaCl (5 – 10%, ie 5 times the capacity)


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