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Projects focused on the development and production of the highest quality filter materials for the treatment of drinking, process, waste and pool water.

Zeolite - ZeoPure®

For commercial and private use
  • Natural zeolite with exceptional hardness 7 Mohs 
  • Modified zeolite with exceptional properties best cleaning
  • Microstructure with pore size 50 nm
  • The only type with antibacterial resistance

„Project focused on the best Australian zeolite for the treatment of drinking, process, waste and pool water. “- Activated zeolite for BEST filtration

Filter Glass - VetroPure®

For commercial and private use
  • Activated surface type
  • Made of precisely sorted glass
  • Self-sterilizing surface
  • High negative surface charge
  • High positive surface charge
  • Increased filtration surface area

Filter glass is a modern sand substitute, which in a system solution doubles the performance compared to sand filters. The product is made of a specific type of glass, processed to optimum grain size and particle shape.

Active filter glass is made by the activation process to become self-sterilizing and to obtain excellent mechanical and electrostatic filtration performance.

Modified zeolites - Hydrozel®

For commercial and private use
  • Filtration to less than 2 microns efficiency
  • Removal of Iron, Manganese, Arsenic, Radium
  • High content MnO2 coating 10%
  • High content Fe(OH)3 coating 10%
  • High content Ag2O coating 10%
  • The hardest microporous filter medium
  • Very high and hard surface area

Hydrozel Mn, Mn/Fe, Ag, and Fe is a new brand of revolutionary
advanced filtration media completely developed in Czech Republic.
It‘s composition simply makes it outstanding against the contemporary filter media available in water treatment industries, like GEH, Birm, Katalox Light, sand, Greensand Plus, Manganese Greensand etc.

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